Our Games

Our work seems like fun for everyone. And sure it is.

We’re natural born players and we have followed the evolution of games closely.

Today, as well as gamers, we are developers and we take playing very seriously.

We are currently involved in two projects. Here they are:

# Other Projects

In the beginning, we developed and launched two pilot projects.

Besides them, we launched in partnership with Macakids a game for their child audience.

It was the success and impact of these experiments that brought us where we are.

# Talking about

Run and kill zombies in Break Loose: Zombie Survival

Techtudo - O globo (18/11/2014)

Break Loose: addictive and challenging

Popgames (17/11/2014)

"Break Loose" is already an international success

Zumbicast (14/11/2014)

Break Loose: addictive and challenging

Internerdz (14/11/2014)

Break Loose: the brazilian zombie game was released

Real Nerd (08/11/2014)

Macakids promotes release of mobile game

TV Brinquedos (13/06/2014)

Macakids mobile game to be launched this month

Ep Grupo (09/06/2014)

Capixaba studio competes on games market

Folha Vitória (27/05/2014)

Break Loose: Zombie Survival – New Gameplay released!

Internerdz (06/05/2014)

Capixabas start a business and develop a zombie game

G1 - Globo (20/03/2014)

Break Loose: Meet Pixtoy studio new game

Game Reporter (05/03/2014)

Capixabas may profit R$ 1 million with zombie game

Tribuna Online (28/02/2014)

“Break Loose” is a national game you need to know about

InternerdZ (28/02/2014)

Help the national game Break Loose to be launched for iOS and Android systems

Game Hall (25/02/2014)

A post-apocalyptical Temple Run

Real Nerd (08/02/2014)

Break Loose shows that mobile games aren’t just for kids

Sopa Geek (08/02/2014)

Capixaba studio wants to oust runners with its apocalyptic Break Loose

Arena IG (07/02/2014)

Zombie Apocalypse: game created by capixaba studio to be launched this summer

Gazeta Online (04/01/2014)

Puzzle creators seek success with mobile zombie game

Uol Economia (31/01/2014)

Help Pixtoy team launch the game Break Loose

Contra Versão (31/01/2014)

Pixtoy | Startup of the moment

Startup Stars (16/10/2013)

Pixtoy will use new capital to launch games for international market

Valor Econômico (08/14/2013)

Pixtoy releases mobile games focusing on global market

Startupi (07/31/2013)

Startups who invest in games

Exame (05/16/2013)

Here's a free, fun, puzzle game. It's a matching color game with 3D boxes and a new twist - try it!

@iGameCritic (01/14/2013)

Cutesquares is a fun and addictive [...] challenging puzzle game

Techtudo (01/07/2013)

Brazilian game company becoming a success in tablets and smartphones

Gazeta Online (01/11/2013)

About Pixtoy

Founded in august of 2012, Pixtoy is a startup that is growing swiftly.

Based in Brazil, we're a mobile games studio that makes awesome games. Our business is about providing people with positive experiences and offering entertainment within the reach of everyone, at any time and place.

Relevant facts with special meaning

Acceleration Program

February / 2013

Capital support (angel investment)

July / 2013

Meeting with Igor Burattini and Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio / Angry Birds)

August / 2013

Composition of our first production team

October / 2013

Going on stage at Campus Party 2014 with Zombie Cast and Real Nerd

January / 2014

Establishment of Pixtoy HQ

September / 2014

Our team

Our team is comprised of committed and enthusiastic professionals – each dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and value in all we do.

Our staff are comprised of talented and dedicated individuals, which include thought-leaders in various fields with real-life experience.

Felipe Lomeu

Co-founder & CEO

Cassius Dias

Lead 3D Artist

Oswaldo de Carvalho Filho

Co-founder & CTO

Lisa Poubel

Game Designer & UI Designer

Marcus Trancoso

Soundtrack Designer

Daivison Borges

Sound Designer

Gustavo Fonseca

Chief Legal Officer

What I'm interested in is investing in people.

Arthur Rock

Se você quer ter resultados melhores do que a maioria das pessoas, faça as coisas de forma diferente da maioria.

John Templeton

O talento vence jogos, mas só o trabalho em equipe ganha campeonatos.

Michael Jordan

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Henry Ford

As companhias prestam muita atenção ao custo de fazer alguma coisa. Deviam preocupar-se mais com os custos de não fazer nada.

Philip Kotler

If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted,
they would have said faster horses.

Steve Jobs

Our culture

Besides common goals, we have affinities. We are obstinate for achievements and real results.
We appreciate a relaxed work environment. We believe in the efficiency and efficacy of productivity.
We work hard but we love what we do.

Contact Us

+55 27-3024-2357

Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Pixtoy has a relaxed working environment and the privilege of being less than 100m from the beach and just over 50km of beautiful mountains.